A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android

Test your communication skills with your partner by playing the classic retro Snake game, controlled by two players instead of one.

One player controls the horizontal movements (A,D keys) and the other controls vertically (up,down arrow keys).

How far can you go before losing your minds?


snake_2.0.zip 12 MB
snake2.0-updated.zip 10 MB


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  • This is a 2 player version of the classic snake game. The aim of the game is to survive as long as you can and get the most points while communicating with the other player to control the snake. This game would have broad appeal to anyone who enjoys retro, puzzle games.
  • The fun factor of this game is that it becomes quite difficult to control the snake when two players are involved as they have to communicate and respond quickly in order to get the food and not die. It would be good to have some information telling me that the game is meant to be controlled by two players (and not just that you can play with two as an option).
  • There is no artwork. The game doesn't always look right depending on the resolution. There is no music or sound in the game. If I could add two things to improve this game further, I would add sound and music and make clearer the objectives and the idea that it is meant to be 2 player. A final thing could be to add some more interesting graphics while still maintaining the retro feel.